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Sequoia: Hosting family adventures in Indonesia

With Indonesia reopening to visitors, the luxurious three-cabin Sequoia celebrates her fifth birthday by again welcoming charter guests looking for “an experience of a lifetime in a private setting”. Available through Camper & Nicholsons.

October 2022

Adventure across Indonesia’s oceans aboard one of these luxury charter yachts

The largest archipelago on the planet, Indonesia has 17,000 islands to its name, boasting scenery that blends rainforests with crystalline waters and endless bleached-sand beaches. With so much to see and do, one of the best ways to cover Indonesia is by superyacht.

August 2022

Chef's corner

Born in Bali, chef Wayan has grown up with a love of Indonesian cuisine and wants to share it with the world. With more than 20 years experience in five-star hotels such as Viceroy and one of the best Indonesian Restaurants, Mozaic, this season he will be whipping up a unique menu with Indonesian flare from the finest local seasonal ingredients on board 26 metre Sequoia.

July 2019

Get On Board

Like a boutique hotel on the water, each superyacht is equipped with modern comforts and luxury touches, so you’ll feel right at home even when you’re far from home.

July 2019

Papua's Secret Wonders

In this issue's special focus on eastern Indonesia, Camper & Nicholsons explores the wondrous world of West Papua. where Triton Bay in Kaimana is an enticing destination for Whale Sharks and home to a colorful array of underwater, coastal, and land-based activities

April 2019

Go on a sailing sojourn with these handpicked floating hotels.

They say it’s about the journey, not the destination. Well aware of this theory, Asia-based curated travel network Secret Retreats added several new independent luxury vessels to its Secret Cruises catalogue this year. Here are a few we can’t wait to jump aboard.

March 2019

7 Best Luxury Yachts and Liveaboards You Can Enjoy in Indonesia

One of the best ways to explore Indonesia’s pristine and sometimes remote wonders is to reach them the way many of the Indonesian seafaring ancestors used to do: sailing.

January 2019

The Little White Book on Honeymoon

The honeymoon: it’s the big one, isn’t it? The one you dream about.
The one where everything needs to be justright.


10 Luxury Yacht Charters In Indonesia For Your Vacation Getaway

Time to explore this archipelago of ours in a stylish way

November 2018

Visit The Coral Triangle For Unspoiled Natural Wonder

In a corner of the globe forgotten by time, you find yourself sipping coffee at sunrise. Before you, a volcano burps purple smoke toward wispy, pink clouds. Beneath you, a handcrafted wooden yacht rocks gently on calm waters.

October 2018

Visit The Coral Triangle For Unspoiled Natural Wonder

OceanScape Yachts has partnered with Coral Triangle Safaris in Indonesia (which lies at the very heart of The Coral Triangle) to bring you a vacation experience like no other.

October 2018

High-Class Island Hopping

Imagine yourself aboard a privately chartered luxury yacht exploring one of earth’s most biodiverse, coral-rich waters near Indonesia. The Coral Triangle is your playground, and the Sequoia is the vessel for exploring this vast tropical archipelago of over 17,000 islands above and below the water surface. 

October 2018

Indonesia vs. Solomon Islands

Rock the boat. Climb abroad this magnificient ship and sail off into Raja Ampat sunset.

September 2018

Sequoia Yacht, Coral Triangle

For the ultimate luxurious way to discover the Coral Triangle’s hidden islands, charter the exclusive Sequoia yacht for a trip of a lifetime. The 26-metre yacht features two lavish suites, making it the perfect vacation for two couples or a small group of friends.

September, 2018

The Journey of a Lifetime: Exploring the Spice Islands of Indonesia

To begin to understand the rich history of Indonesia, one must explore some of its most remote islands. The 11 Banda Islands are located in the heart of Banda Sea, the deepest in Indonesia. Despite its remote location, European ships sailed there from the early 1500s in search of “Gold” (Nutmeg). The value of the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC), which controlled these spices, was, in today’s currency, worth more than Apple Corporation today. These islands shaped the history of modern international trade.

July 2018


This family-owned charter company based in Jakarta uses its indigenous knowledge to host guests on their new traditionally-built soft motor sailor. Catered for by 10 crew including a cruise director and a balinese spa therapist, the low-emission Sequoia focuses on freshly prepare local food and insights into local culture - and avoids plastic and chemical toiletries.

July 2018

The Archipelago Journal

Covering more than 180,000km2 in West Papua, Bird’s Head Seascape is home to one of the planet’s most biodiverse coral reefs.
We’ll explore deserted coastlines and seldom-visited spots in search of the world’s largest fish from on board Sequoia – one of the newest luxury wooden vessels built to experience the best of this wealth of islands.

June 2018

Summer Destinations for Family

Travel scenes from childhood constitute some of our most cherished memories – travel shapes who we are and strengthens character – so it’s little wonder that parents want to create wonderful life-enhancing experiences for their children to remember.

May 2018

Explore Raja Ampat aboard Sequoia Yacht

Explore the hidden treasure on Indonesia’s archipelago on the Sequoia Yacht, a classic wooden boat with five star luxuries.

May 2018

Off The Grid

Wellness travel guru Vivienne Tang the founder of Destination Deluxe, indulges in a six-day adventure on the Sequoia luxury yacht as the journey through the remote paradise of Raja Ampat.

April 2018

Explore The Coral Triangle by Yacht

Discover hidden islands and forgotten cultures with Sequoia, and immerse yourself in the richest reefs on earth.

March 2018

Sailing in Style

Roam the sea and discover the richness of Indonesia aboard Sequoia, a classic wooden yacht with five-star facilities and services.

January 2018

Sequoia, the Indonesian Superyacht for Charter

Yessi Maya Sari and Kevin Corcoran (below) aren’t your typical superyacht owners. Then again, their pride and joy, Sequoia, isn’t your typical superyacht, either. Neither are the Indonesian cruising grounds that the 86-foot (26-meter) Sequoia shows charter guests.

January 2018

All Aboard Sequoia Yacht!

Set sail on the Sequoia yacht to explore the lesser-known islands of Indonesia and experience what hidden treasures our archipelago has to offer.

December 2017

Island Hopping

Sequoia Yachts offers a relaxed, modern way to explore the Coral Triangle.

December 2017

New 26m charter yacht Sequoia launched in Indonesia

Jakarta-based luxury travel company Coral Triangle Safaris has recently launched the sailing wooden yacht Sequoia which targets the Indonesian charter market.

December 2017

Sailing In Paradise

Travel by yacht through the beautiful and remote islands of Indonesia exploring stunning blue seas and oceans, great diving spots, and blend-in with locals and traditional culture.

November 2017

Creating a culinary experience aboard Sequoia

Over six months Petty was commissioned to design menus based on sustainable locally-sourced ingredients as well as select, train and review the performance of the onboard catering team.

July 2017


She is a vessel of delight, a celebration of extraordinary vision, determination and skills in hospitality.

by Elliot Family, UK.

Banyak kata-kata yang tidak terlupakan dari diving, makanan, persahabatan yang sangat special. Kapal yang sangat nyaman dan indah.

by Montgomery Family, Jakarta/USA.

We absolutely loved our second journey with you and cannot wait for next favorite boat in the archipelago.

by Zabriskie Family, USA.

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