Event Journal / February 23, 2019

Sequoia in Further East

November 2018, Sequoia is joined the first show organized by Pure Experienece, named Further East. It is a four-day festival of events connecting Asia’s finest luxury hospitality brands with influential, regional-specialist buyers and media. In a uniquely beautiful setting – Seminyak Beach, Bali – this disarmingly different marketplace and inspiring thought-leadership platform is a global community of hospitality professionals who are passionate about bringing high-value, low-impact tourism to Asia. This is the first year that ever held in Asia. Just like other luxury brand participants, were were proud to join the community, introducing Sequoia and Coral Triangle Safaris to the world, as well as learning from others.

Coral Triangle Safaris (CTS) was established in 2017 from a passion to explore Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands. The position of Indonesia at the intersection of the Pacific and Indian oceans results in plentiful plankton. One can see the smallest macro fish during a muck dive and then the largest whale shark on the same Safaris. According to conservationist, it has richest marine biodiversity on earth. Guests will appreciate the natural beauty, and the spirit of the people that inhabit the islands. These reefs and islands are seemly untouched by time with many traditional subsistence sea tribes working hard to earn their catch for today. These are remarkable and unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Coral Triangle of Indonesia.

We understand that each guest is different and therefore, we craft a specific Safari that will meet guest needs. Their choice of activities and interests will help define their Safari whether it is venturing out to sea to snorkel or dive or relaxing across from a majestic island. The appropriate itinerary, food and beverage, are customized on their requirements. Our goal is to help our guests experience one of the worlds most remote and beautiful places, The Coral Triangle, as safely and comfortably as possible.

Theme of Further East is transformational travel, which is inline with our core value. We believe luxury has changed from just seeing of sights to experiencing something new; about stepping into the shoes of someone whose way of life is unfamiliar to you. The best way to accomplish this is to participate in unique and authentic experiences. When you take the road less traveled, you find yourself among the locals - eating home-cooked meals, learning new languages, and adapting to a life that was previously unknown to you.

This has been the focus of travel in recent years - to embark on a journey that will bring you authentic adventures. This type of travel will empower people to make meaningful changes in their lives based on what they’ve learned from other cultures. In a world where we are cutting ourselves off from human interaction and turning our focus to the comfort of isolation, we need this now more than ever. The mixing of cultural ideas and rituals can help bring people together, one trip at a time. The best way to self-reflect is to give yourself the time and space to do so. Instead of packing each day of your trip full with activities, we encourage you to stay an extra night or two so you can spread these activities out.

In this event, several attendees began their morning at our community beach clean-up; last night’s storm meant we had quite the job on our hands! Giving back to the island we’ve made our home is so important to us – and keeping Bali’s beaches beautiful is the first step.

If extending isn’t an option for you, try to pick and choose a handful of the most important sights/activities that you wish to enjoy. By shortening your daily schedule, you’re given enough time to fully immerse yourself in each new experience, leading to a deeper connection. You are also allowing yourself more time to reflect on the day’s activities. We invite each of you to open up your minds to new experiences, reflect on these experiences, and bring that home to share with others. Do this, and travel will transform you. Begin your own journey!

Images are credited to @goFurtherEast