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Life is a journey, and it is travel that makes that journey worthwhile. As we venture to more distant lands, we are becoming more sensitive about the impact that tourism has on the environment and the local population. We have very few wildlife ecosystems left. Sustainable lodging, locally grown food sourcing, burning less fossil fuel are ways each of us can adapt to slow down the rate of global warming. We can explore remote reefs at the edge of the world with the most spectacular marine life to be seen while keeping our footprint light.

Here, where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet, Sequoia Yacht is celebrating our journey across this remote section of South East Asia; The Coral Triangle. We hope that this journal inspires you to take an extraordinary journey in The Coral Triangle. If you do, you may become more convinced of the importance of saving this reef system, a jewel that is critical to keeping our precious blue planet. Begin your own journey!


Family Journal / February 27, 2019

A Perfect Honeymoon

For newlyweds who want to spend their honeymoon wearing nothing but a swimsuit – or nothing at all – there are these waterside wonders, where the only time you’ll have to cover up is on visits to exotic villages, fish markets or nearby islands. Sequoia Yacht is the only Indonesia hotel yacht approved by Mr […]

Family Journal / February 21, 2019

Triton Bay- Untouched by time

Cenderawasih Bay, Raja Ampat and Triton Bay are all part of the Bird’s Head of Papua– the epicenter of the Coral Triangle. It is the world’s most biodiverse marine ecosystem. Our guest for this safari is family with a sense of adventure that enjoys exploring the edge of the world from Alaska to Triton Bay. […]

Adventurer Family / September 15, 2018

Sequoia & OceanScape Yachts

Yachting is such an incredible vacation experience. The freedom and privacy are unparalleled by other travel options. More people should get to enjoy the sheer luxury of it. After all, you work hard. You deserve the good life! So with the help of an amazing team and exceptional partners, Ocean Seascape Yachts, which is based […]

Family / July 22, 2018

How to Experience Wayag on Luxury

Raja Ampat, Indonesia, just south of the equator, is a hidden archipelago of some of the most beautiful uninhabited islands in the world. White sand beaches, hidden lagoons, spooky caves, mushroom-shaped islets, and pellucid turquoise waters. It is home to some of world’s most beautiful islands. It is a paradise not found anywhere else on […]

Family / July 21, 2018

Vivienne Tang Sails Raja Ampat

Just 1,500 nautical mile from Great Barrier reefs, lays the Kingdom of Raja Ampat (Four Kings) located in West Papua. It has long been the marine scientists’ and avid divers’ best-kept secret of the healthiest coral reefs to explore in a time when most of world famous reefs are dyingdue to ocean acidification. Although most […]

Family / June 27, 2018

Family Summer Komodo

Komodo Archipelago lies in the Lesser Sunda Islands. This chain starts in Bali and ends in Tanimbar. Komodo National Park, located within the Coral Triangle, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Man and Biosphere Reserve and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is part of a biogeographic region known as Wallacea, which […]

Family / May 23, 2018

Kaimana, The Voyage of Discovery

Cenderawasih Bay, Raja Ampat, and Triton Bay are known as Bird’s Head of Papua- the epicenter of the Coral Triangle. It is the world’s most biodiverse marine ecosystem. Triton Bay is part of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area encompasses 6,000 square km (2,300 square miles), and is located in West Papua Province, Indonesia. While most […]

Family / January 8, 2018

Christmas in Raja Ampat

The Zabriskie family has a sense of adventure and love of the sea. They explored over 400 nautical miles of Raja Ampat from North to South on their 16-day safari onboard of our yacht, Sequoia. It is a remarkable journey exploring the vital relationship creatures living below the sea. Raja means “King”, while “Ampat” means […]


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