Event / May 25, 2019

Meet Sequoia Yacht Chef, I Wayan.

Dining punctuates the day. It brings in the morning and closes out the night. Inspired by Indonesia's plethora of spices, herb, exotic fruits, Chef Wayan will customize your menu to suit your desire. He will ensure that all of your dietary needs are met relating to your health, religion, cultural requirements, and individual preferences.

1. How did you become chef onboard Sequoia Yacht?

I am Balinese so my life has revolved around gathering food, living and eating well. One of my favorite adventures is acquiring local ingredients. It is both rewarding and educational and gives insight into how our culture revolves around food. I fell in love with food and this led to me becoming a chef.

What is good on our plate should also be good for our planet. From sourcing organic and locally grown ingredients to supporting responsible businesses practices has become Sequoia’s way of life. It is our responsibility to make sure the grandeur of the Coral Triangle, the richest reefs on earth, will last for generations to come. Therefore, we are conscious about the use of plastic and adhere to a “no one time use” of plastic such as straws, plastic bottle water, and other plastic garbage usage onboard Sequoia. Adhering to our minimal or no plastic use policy will be accomplished while still maintaining US and European standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Your journey with sustainable food starts here.

2. How do you prepare for one or two-week charter?

We send our guests a food and beverages survey well before their Safari commences so we know exactly what they want to eat. The vegetables are organic and freshly harvested 36 hours before arrival on Sequoia. We trace food to the source. You will not find canned Maine or Alaskan Crab on Sequoia, but instead fresh wild caught Yellow Fin Tuna from Indonesian waters using sustainable fishing methods. Our favorite menu all time is Gohu Tuna, it its South Sulawesi style of Tuna Sashimi. We have completed a 14-night Coral Triangle Safari and serving guests the highest quality the food without issue. It is all about pre-planning, diligent sourcing, proper storage, and finally, proper preparation.

3. Can you share a bit about your trickiest experiences trying to get supplies onboard?

With more than 20 years experience in Bali with 5-stars hotels such as Viceroy and one of the best Indonesian Restaurants, Mozaic, I can tell you that being a yacht chef is much more challenging. The issue is when the guest does not give us the complete information about what they want to eat. The other challenge is time management - you have to plan for the next meal while you are making the current one. With the proper equipment, food, and skill we are able to make homemade pastas and ice cream, pizza, exotic tropical juices, and a wide variety of complex Indonesian dishes.

4. Do you have a favorite go-to dish for guests that you know will wow everyone and anyone?

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of coconuts. In Asia, the coconut enjoys a different sort of reference. Considered the ‘Tree of Life’, it provides food, shelter, and water. In Sanskrit, it is known as kalpavriksha, ‘the tree which provides all the necessities of life.’  We love to make all things coconut.

World’s renown Chef Petty Elliot has collaborated with Sequoia to create a unique menu with Indonesian flare from the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients. You can start your lunch with Sequoia Lawi Lawi, which originally from South. It is a seaweed & shrimp salad sprinkle with fresh shredded coconut.  Chef Wayan then serves you with tropical coconut pasta. It is handmade pasta with coconut milk sauce and sustainable seafood of the day. Your coconut adventure does not stop here. For dessert, you will be served a Klaapertaart and home made coconut ice. It is a young coconut pudding, with raisin and sprinkle of cinnamons dash. All meals are served in handcrafted 24K Gold Luster Ceramics custom made in Bali by Gaya. You can actually enjoy a whole coconut drink poured with coconut sugar after your water adventure any time, any day. How special is that!

5. Do you have a favorite corner of the globe for the foodies out there looking for amazing/unique culinary experiences?

Yes, it would be Indonesia. With more than 18,000 islands to choose from and more than 300 living tribes, there is no better place in the world to enjoy a tropical culinary experience.  For centuries, people from around the world have undertaken great risk to visit this immense archipelago in search of exotic food and spices. For many guests, the most lasting memories are the sight and taste of food unavailable anywhere else in the world. Our focus is to create delectable food using locally sourced ingredients, which sometimes can only be found, on one single island.

You will be served with dishes that are, meticulously prepared, artfully presented and utterly delicious. The cuisine on Sequoia promises to be an exhilarating, one of a kind dining experience. You may choose to dine in the spectacular great room, al fresco in our sky deck, or on any number of beautiful island beach settings. Begin your own journey!